Four Seasons


Do I need to register again in order to bid on another item?
No, you do not need to register to bid on another item. If you have registered once, use the same bid number on other items.
How many items may I bid on?
There is no limit to the amount of items you may bid, as long as you're prepared to pay for the auction item.
Do I have to buy the item if I've won the auction?
Yes, if you win an auction, you will have to purchase the item at your bid. People may bid on an item thinking that there will be other bids, but if you end up being the highest bidder, you will have to buy the item. If you do not really want an item, do not bid on it.
What is Proxy Bidding?
Proxy bidding allows you to place the maximum amount you are willing to bid on without actually bidding that amount.
What is a Buy Now Price?
This feature allows the user to sell their item for a particular price. If a bidder bids "Buy Now Price" or more than that price, that bidder automatically wins the auction item.
What is a Starting Price?
The Starting Price is the lowest price the seller will accept for their item.
What is an Increment?
An increment is the amount of money that you choose is needed to outbid someone, or the starting bid. For example, if a starting bid is $30.00, with $1.00 increments, the lowest accepted bid could be $31.00. It's a good practice to keep the bids low.

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