Farm Toy And Gun Sale
Kruse Center
207 North Lawrence Avenue
Gibson City, Illinois

Saturday August 11, 2018




SALE LOCATION:  From Intersection of RT 47, 9 & 54 at Stop & Go Light, East on RT 54 to Big “R” Store, turn North on RT 54, 8 block to Corner of 9th street & RT 54.





SpecCast Oliver 66 Gas NF Tractor; Oliver 88 Row Crop; Oliver 77 Gas NF w/Cultivator; McCormick-Deering W-6 Standard w/Replica Toy; McCormick-Deering W-6 Standard w/Replica Toy; Ertl Case “L” Tractor;  Precision Series McCormick-Deering 200H Spreader; Ertl 1066 ROPS Tractor; SpecCast AC “D-14” Show Tractor; Precision Classics JD 4020 w/237 Corn Picker; Precision Series Farmall Super “M” Tractor; Ertl IH 1488 Turbo Tractor; Ertl JD Blade 1/16th; Ertl IH 1566 Tractor; Ertl 1953 JD 60 Orchard Tractor; Ertl JD 8760 4-WD Tractor; Country Classics McCormick-Deering 22-36 Tractor; JD Model “E” Engine 1/6th ; Ertl 1/32nd 4-WD Tractor; Ertl IH 460 Grove Diesel Tractor; Ertl 1937 JD “G” Tractor; Ertl IH 7488 Tractor; Caterpillar D2 Traxcavator T2, 5U Series; SpecCast Oliver 77 RC Tractor; 1930 Minneapolis-Moline Tractor Car (No Box); McCormick IH 1-PR Corn Picker; Ertl JD Mod “A” 40th Anniv. Comm. Tractor; Oliver 880 1/16th Tractor; 1953 JD Mod “D” Collector Ed. Tractor; 1948 AC Mod “G” Collector Mod Tractor; Precision Classics JD Mod “A” Tractor w/steel wheels; Ertl Cub Tractor 1/6th ; Ertl IH Hydro 100 ROPS Tractor; Ertl Case/IH 7150 MFWA Tractor; SpecCast IH 340 Utility Tractor w/Mod 251 Planter; Precision Classics JD #214-T Twine Baler; JOAL Compact Die Cast; Case/IH 4894 1/32nd Tractor; Ertl McCormick-Deering Little Genius Plow; Ertl Sheeps Foot; Ertl Case/IH 5140 MFD Maxxum Tractor; Ertl Farmall “H” Tractor; Ertl IH Famous Engine Replica 1/8th Spec. Ed; JOAL Cat Challenger 65 w/disc; Ertl IH 966 Tractor; McCormick W-30 Tractor; 1915 JD Mod “R” Waterloo Boy; White Farm Equip “Spirit of Oliver” Tractor; SpecCast Massey-Ferguson Pacemaker Tractor; SpecCast Massey-Harris 101 Tractor; Minneapolis-Moline “U” NF Tractor; Precision Series McCormick Flare Box Wagon; Precision Oliver Mod 77 Tractor; Ertl JD 630 LP Tractor; Ertl Case “L” Tractor; Ertl Case/IH 7130 MFWD  Tractor; Ertl McCormick-Deering Mod “M” Engine 1/16th; Case “DC” Tractor; Ertl JD MFWD Row Crop Tractor; Ertl Farmall Super M-TA Tractor; SpecCast Farmall 400 High Crop Gas Tractor, (25th Anniv & Lafayette Farm Show); Precision Classics JD Mod “A” Tractor w/290 Series Cultivator; Case/IH Farmall Super “H” & Super “M” 4-H & FA Spec ED. Signed By Max Armstrong of WGN yr 2000; Precision McCormick-Deering Spreader w/Mule Team; 1988 Lafayette Show Tractor Green 730 Diesel Tractor; Ertl McCormick-Deering Little Genius Plow; Ertl Massey Harris 55 Diesel w/certificate; Ertl JD Barge Wagon; Precision  JD Mod 494A Planter; Ertl Case 1690 1/32nd  Tractor; 1940 Ford Coupe Issue #4 1/24th Stock Rod; SpecCast AC D-14 Hi-Crop Tractor; Precision Farmall “MD” w/loader; Ertl Case 800 Tractor; Ertl Case/IH 3294 Tractor w/1/64th Replica Toy; Precision JD Hay Wagon; Ertl Case “VAC” Tractor; 1940/1954 JD Mod “R” Tractor; AC “d-19” Tractor w/certificate; Ertl JD Parts Express Semi Truck; Ertl Case “VAC” Tractor; Ertl Case/IH 5120 Row Crop; Ertl Case 800 Tractor; Ertl Case 600 Tractor; Precision Farmall Regular Tractor; Ertl AC “D-19” Tractor w/certificate; Precision Farmall F-20 Tractor; Ertl Massey Harris 55 Western Diesel w/certificate; Case/IH 2594 Tractor; Ertl Case/IH 7140 MFWD Tractor; Etl Farmall F-20 SP. Ed w/Firestone Tires 3341 of 5000; Precision Farmall F20 Tractor; Precision Farmall 560 w/2 MH Corn Picker; Precision AC “d-17 Tractor w/New Idea Picker; 1989  AC “D-14” Nat. Farm Toy Show 1/43rd Coll. Ed.; Ertl IH Farmall 706/806 40th Anniv. Ed; Ertl Farmall Super “M” Tractor w/2MH Mounted Picker; Ertl Case/IH Magnum MX 305 Tractor; SpecCast Minneapolis-Moline 955D WF Tractor Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; SpecCast JD Mod “MT” tractor w/#51 Power Mount Mower Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; IH W450 D Tractor WF, Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; 1965 JD Mod 2020 D Tractor, WF, Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; Ertl Case/IH AFX 80010 Combine w/Heads; Ertl JD tractor w/Grain Cart; Peterbilt Mod 379 Wrecker; Freightliner Classic XL Garbage Truck; Kenworth W900 Dump Truck; Kenworth  W900 Cement Truck; JD HO Scale Train Set w/2 JD 4010 Tractors; JD Mod “B” Express HO Train Set complete; Ertl JD “G” Tractor; Ertl JD Mod 4010 Hi-Crop Diesel; JD Model “B” Express HO Scale Train Set Complete; JD HO Scale Accessory Box; SpecCast Oliver 990 w/GM Diesel, Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; IH 544 Gas NF Tractor w/ROPS & Canopy; SpecCast Oliver 1950 Diesel Tractor w/WF, Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; Advance Rumley Steam Engine; Ertl Tractor & Wagon; Ertl Oliver 1950T Tractor; SpecCast IH Farmall 340 Gas Tractor; 2-Kinze #840 Grain Carts Farm Progress Show 2001; Huber Die Cast Thrashing Machine; SpecCast Massey Ferguson 1100 Tractor, Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; Ertl Farmall 1206 Turbo Tractor w/lights & sounds; Ertl JD Mod “A” Tractor w/man; Massey Harris Challenger on Steel; Ertl JD Mod “A” on Rubber; MM Twin City on Steel J.L.E. Collection Series; Oliver Hart Parr Row Crop on Steel Farm Progress 1990 Show; Ertl Case Wheel Loader; Ertl Fordson Mod “F” Tractor; Ertl New Holland T 7040 Tractor; Ertl JD 430T w/Blare Box Wagon; Ertl Case/IH Barge Wagon; Ertl Farmall Super “C” Tractor; JD Dbl. Anniv. Mod “D” 1/64th w/coin; JD Flare Box Wagon; IH 460U Industrial Tractor; JD 5 pc. Set 1/64th; SpecCast Minneapolis-Moline “U” Gas Tractor; JD 5 pc. Set 1/64th; Ertl IHC Titan Engine 1/8th Scale; Ertl Ford NAA Tractor w/Canopy; SpecCast JD “M” Tractor w/Blade; Ertl Farmall “H” & “M” Tractor Set 1/64th; Case “L” Spec ED. Iron Wheels; Ertl Case/IH 5PX 4410 Sprayer; Ertl Massey Harris “Challen” Tractor; 1939 Farmall “M” Tractor Steel Wheel Heritage Series #6; Ertl Case Tractor on Rubber; Farmall 450 Tractor 50th Anniv. Goodyear Tires; Case “L” 1987 Sp. Ed Tractor on Steel; Case 600 Tractor; JD Tractor w/loader; IH l-D Standard Diesel Tractor; Wallis Tractor on Steel; Ertl JD Tractor w/cab ; Ertl JD 620 Tractor; JD HO Scale Starter Set; JD HO Scale Accessory Box; JD HO Scale Train Set; JD Mod. “B” Express HO Scale Train Set; JD HO Scale Starter Set; Ertl JD 12A Turtle Back Combine; Ertl JD Gravity wagon; AC Combine (Repaint); Ertl JD Tractor w/duals; JD 9600 Combine 1989 Sp. Ed County Classics; Ertl Farmall “A” Tractor; Ertl 1939 Farmall “ Super M” Tractor WF Signed Box; Ertl JD 8210 Tractor; Ertl Farmall Super M-TA Tractor w/loader; IH Replica Sp Ed. Steam Engine; JD HO Scale Train Set; JD Mod “B” Express HO Scale Train Set; JD HO Scale Rolling Stock Set; JD HO Scale Steam Locomotive  Tender; Red Disc Ertl China; Green Flare Box Wagon; Ertl IH 350U Tractor w/loader; 1989 Ertl JD Mod “A” Unstyled Tractor; Ertl Farmall “BZ” Tractor; Ertl AC “D-19” Tractor; SpecCast  Case “DC-4” Gas Tractor; SpecCast JD “MT” Tractor; Ertl JD Mod “H” Tractor; SpecCast 1940 Ford JD Adv.; JD Tractor Steel Wheels; Ertl JD Plastic Disc; Ertl JD 830 Tractor SpecCast Oliver 77 LP-Gas Tractor;




High Standard Mod. GB 22 Cal. Pistol, SN 325488; Mod E-15 Single Six Revolver, SN E707184; High Standard Field King 22 Cal. Pistol, SN382489; High Standard Sentinel Deluxe 22 Cal. Pistol, SN2995280; Forehand Arms 32 Cal Revolver SN 382075; Ruger 22 Cal Pistol, SN14-07704; High Standard Sport King 22 Cal Pistol, SN 2498377; Inter Ordnance P38/P1 Pistol SN053958W9.88 (NIB); H&R Mod 922, 22 Cal.; Ruger Single Six 22 Cal Revolver, SN190254; Dan Wesson 357 Mag. 4 & 6” Barrel, Revolver, SN109137, (NIB); Smith & Wesson Mod. 18-2, 22 Cal. Revolver; SN K758396 (NIB); Smith & Wesson Mod. SW40F, 40 Cal. Pistol, SN PAH1794 (NIB); Dan Wesson 357 Mag Revolver SN219207; Waffenfobrik 30 cal. Broom Handle Pistol SN 553027; Stevens 22 Cal. Pump Rifle SN 209; Stevens 22 Cal Pump Rifle SN 84; Winchester Mod. 320, 22 Cal Bolt Action, SND30224 w/Scope; Remington Sport Master Mod 52 22 cal Bolt Action; Remington Mod 550 22 Cal Auto Rifle; Remington Mod. 597 22 cal. Auto Rifle w/scope SN B2660280; Winchester Mod. 290, 22 cal. Auto Rifle SN 490420; Remington Speed Master Mod. 552 22 Cal. Auto Rifle SN 1610373; Remington Speed Master Mod 552 Auto Rifle SN A1431200; H&R Mod. 365 Regular 22 Cal. Bolt Action; Winchester Mod 490 22 Cal w/scope SN J013540; Ruger 10/22 22 Cal Auto Rifle w/scope WN 245-57288; Stevens “Crack Shot” 22 Cal Single Shot Rifle CN 287; Stevens “Crack Shot” 22 Cal. Single Shot Rifle; Marlin Mod 39M Article II, 22 Cal Level Action, SN 71-87500; Marlin 39M Article II 22 Cal Lever Action w/scope SN 71-81231; Marlin Mod 39A Golden 22 Cal. Lever Action Rifle SN V-9976; Norinco Mod. 22 ATD Auto Rifle SN 840505 (NIB); Winchester Mod. 94, 30-30 Cal. Illinois Sesquicentennial Rifle SN IS14610 (NIB); Stevens 22 Cal Single Shot SN 762; Mauser Custom 98 270 Cal Bolt Action w/Weaver Scope SN 27286; Remington Mod. 12 22 Cal Pump Rifle SN 47317; Stag-15 Cal. 223 AR-15 Auto Rifle SN 29715; Hawkins 50 Cal. Black Powder; Browning 12 ga. Auto Shotgun SN290272; Ruger Mod. 10-22 22 cal. Auto Rifle SN 122-68355; Crossman Air Gun; Benjamin Pellet Gun (NIB); Daisy Red Ryder (NIB); Derringer 22 cal Dbl Barrel; H&R 38 Cal Revolver; Sport Arms 22 Cal Mag. Single Action SN 797311; Iver Johnson 38 Cal. Revolver SN 26273; Walther P22 22 Cal Auto Pistol SN L002217; S&W SW99 40 cal. Pistol SN CMPD 1133; Ruger Mod 22/45 auto Pistol Mark II SN273-90076; Dan Wesson Percussion Revolver SN 10931; White Line 30-06 Bolt Action  Rifle; Savage Mark II Cal. 17 Bolt Action Rifle SN 1029169; Bulgorio LTD AK-47 7.62 Cal. Auto Rifle SN B09068323; Sauer 45 Cal. w/long Colt Cyl. & APC Cyl. SN 466515; Colt Huntsman 22 Cal. Auto Pistol SN 315189S; Colt Classic 45 Cal. Auto Pistol SN SFLDA0458; S&W Tactual 40 Cal. Mod. 4003TSW, SN BD9957; S&W Mod. 6906 9mm Auto Pistol SN BDX3615; Stevens Mod. 940B 20 ga. Single Shot Shotgun SN 2814; New England Fire Arms 12 ga. Single Shot Shotgun SN NR357405; H&R Topper Mod. 88 Single 410 Single Shot Shotgun SN AU513428; Springfield  Mod. 188H 22 cal. Auto Rifle; New England Arms 12 ga. 3”Shell Single Shot Deer Slug Shotgun SN NJ323526; Coast to Coast 410 ga. Bolt Action 3” Shotgun SN A422944; New England Arms 12 ga. 3” Single Shot Shotgun SN 262976; Mossberg Mod. 85 20 ga. Bolt Action Shotgun; Savage 12 ga. Auto Shotgun SN 36615; Mossberg Mod 9200 12 ga. Bird/Slug Barrel pump Shot Gun SN SK2663; Ithaca Mod 66 Super Single 12 ga. 3” Single shot Shotgun SN 159003; New York Arms 12 ga. Single Shot Shotgun SN 262-492; Iver Johnson 16 ga. Single Shot Shotgun SN  88140; Hawthorn 16 ga. Single Shot Shotgun; Winchester Mod. 37 12 ga. Single Shot Shotgun w/410 insert SN 0915062; Winchester 12 ga. Single Shot Shotgun; Sears Ted Williams Single Shot Shotgun SN 527089; Mossberg Mod 695 Slug 12 ga. Bolt Action Shotgun SN M162142; Westernfield 12 ga. Pump SN 4024; Westernfield 16 ga Pump; C&R Wall hanger Dbl. barrel 12 ga.; Remington Mod. 11 12 ga. Auto SN 379708; Texas Ranger 12 ga. Single Shot; Bareha Mod. 303 12 ga. Reverse Trigger Auto L21234E; Mauser Mod. 98 8mm Bolt Action Rifle SN R7468; Remington Mod 66. 22 cal. Auto Rifle SN A2123147; Winchester Mod 1906 22 cal. Pump Rifle SN 387843; Savage Sporter 22 Cal Auto SN 122867; Savage Mod. 843 222 cal. Bolt Action Rifle SN 0517299; Marlin 39A Golden 22 cal. Lever Action Rifle SN Y16680; S&W Mod M-P 15 AR-15 223-556 Auto Rifle SN ST62086; Remington Rolling Block 43 Mauser Single Shot Rifle; Remington Mod 1911 45 APC Cal Auto Pistol SN PA002162; Ruger Bear Cat Single Action Revolver 22 cal. SN 93-90577; Browning A-5 12 ga. Auto SN 364215; S&W Mod 22A-1 22 cal. Auto Pistol SN UD52435; S&W Mod 9VE 9mm Auto Pistol SN DUH2087; Sig Sauer Misquito 22 cal. Auto Pistol SN F335290; Ithaca Dbl Barrel 12 ga. SN 239306; Ithaca Dbl. Barrel 16 ga SN 228165; JC Higgins 12 ga. Pump SN 58358; Unknown Make 410 ga. Single Shot SN 73366; Glen Field Mod. 60 22 cal Auto Rifle SN 722221087; Glen Field Mod. 60 22 cal. Auto Rifle SN 2094577; Western Field Mod. 59A 22 cal Auto Rifle SN 2094577; JC Higgins 22 Cal. Bolt Action; Daisy Mod. 88 BB or 17.7 Pellets1832 Foot Arterially Sword; Springfield Bayonet; Lots of Assort Cal. Ammo;







                     FRED CRAVEN. TOLONO

                     ELDON ANDERSON, PAXTON

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