Giant Antique & Collectible Auction
Grand Army of The Republic & Railroad items

Saturday September 30, 2006


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10:00 a.m. GAR & Related items begin selling at 10:00 a.m.


Rules & Regulations of the National Encampments (1883); Annual Session Journal, National Encampment (1884); Columbus, OH (1888) badge; Detroit, MI (1891) Dispatch pack w/program & banquet menu;

Detroit, MI (1891) badge; Washington D.C., (1892) canteen; 27th Annual, Indianapolis, IN (1893) ribbon;

Louisville, KY (1895) canteen; Philadelphia, PA (1899) program; Chicago Encampment, (1900) made from captured cannon barrels; 35th Annual, Cleveland, OH (1901) badge; Minneapolis, MN (1906) badge; Toledo, OH souvenir cup 42nd annual; Roll of the 47th Encampment (1913); Journal of the 52nd Encampment (1918); Des Moines, IA (1926) badge; Springfield (1932) souvenir program;

GAR Ribbons: Geo. Thomas Post 13 Cincinnati, OH (framed); Handcock Post 560 Chicago; Grover Post 98 Cortland NY (1892); Monroe Post 100 Casey, IL; Driskell Post 209, Paris, IL; Jordan Post 535 Macon, IL;

Illinois GAR Encampments Ribbons & Badges:

Carmi, IL (1896) badge; 26th Annual, Jacksonville, IL (1900) ribbon;

Peoria, IL (1923) badge; 48th Annual Encampment, Mattoon, IL (1914) program; Proceedings of the 48th Encampment (1914) booklet;

Related Badges: Woman's Relief Corp (1883); Daughters of Veterans; Ladies of GAR; Sons of Union Veterans;


Iowa Infantry Vol. Co. F. Ladder Badge; 112 New York volunteers 50th anniversary badge; 21st Annual Wisconsin Volunteers, badge; Indiana Encampment, (1893) Souvenir Programme; Kentucky Encampment (1895) badge; Indiana Encampment, (1906) badge; Indiana Encampment, (1909) badge; Indiana Encampment, (1929) badge; An assortment of Reunion ribbons;


GAR Slouch hat; GAR Keppe; GAR dress belt & buckle; GAR walking stick; GAR dress sword; (3) Lincoln-GAR Medallions (1898 & 1909); (3) GAR watch fobs; GAR hat pin; (2) GAR spoons; GAR uniform buttons;

Paper GAR souvenir badges; GAR printers block; GAR glass, Milwaukee 1884; (12) GAR post cards, (1908, 1909, 1910); (6) photographs & tin types; GAR Soldiers & Sailors Home Stereoscope slide; "Welcome GAR & Allied Groups" felt banner 25"x28"; "Welcome GAR" banner 11"x17"; Willard GAR Post #70; Ceramic canteen presented to R.E. Stephens, Co. K, 6th IN Vol., presentation piece;


A Ritual of the Ladies of the GAR 1946; Post card written to Josh. S Chamberlain, Brunswick ME;

Memorial Service Program- Chas. Porte Mallocks, Co. W. 17th Maine Inf.; Geo. H. Thomas Post #18;

Decisions & Opinions at GAR (1884);GAR letterhead to Gen. James Longstreet, Sept 1899; Services for the GAR 1901; GAR Membership dues receipt (1909); Illinois Hist. Soc. Special meetings, 50th Anniversary (1911); Masquerade Ball dance cards Godfrey Weitzel Post 1899 & 1901); Stephenson Memorial bound program (1909); George Meade Post #1 menu (1913); Funeral cards; Sons of Mass. Union Veterans pamphlet; Kansas GAR Membership application (1882); Blank discharge paper; Easel Monument Association (1897) large framed artist rendition, small letter sized poster, and letters from six GAR Posts endorsing the construction of the Easel Monument;


GAR & CIVIL WAR HISTORY BOOKS: History of GAR, Beath, 2 vol.; Grand Army Blue Book (1904); The Army Reunion, S.C. Griggs & Co, 1869; Reunions of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee (1877-1878); (2) War Songs 1883; Infantry Tactics Books, Gen Silas Casey, 3 vol.; Camp & Outpost duties, 1862, Daniel Butterfield; Grant & Sherman Memoirs, 2 vol.; Battles & Leaders of the Civil War, 4 vol.; Personal Memoirs of US Grant, 2 vol.; A Compendium of the war of the Rebellion-Dyer, 2 vol.; The Army of the Potomac-Bruce Catton, 3 vol.; Civil War Times Photographic History of Civil War, 2 vol.; several large maps & atlas of battlefields; The Faces of Lincoln, Mellon; Civil War Art books; Colliers New Photographic History of WWI; The Civil War-Shelby Footes, 3 vol.; Lees Lieutenants "Freeman; Infantry Tactics & Arms (10) books; several published Civil War diaries;

BOOKS ON INDIVIDUALS: Lincoln, Josh. Lawrence Chamberlain, Grant, Lee, Sherman, Sheridan; Porter Alexander, Cushing, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Stonewall Jackson, George McCellan, Jefferson Davis, John Bueford, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Winfred Scott Hancock, Robert Gould Shaw,

BATTLE BOOKS: The Wilderness, Gettysburg; Andersonville, Charleston, Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Chanclersville, Atlanta, Shiloh; Antietm, Franklin, Appomattox, Sumter, Vicksburg, The Crater,

TIME LIFE BOOKS: "Voices of Civil War" Letters from the Battlefield, 18 vol.; Collectors Library of Civil War, 14 Vol.; Life of the Civil War, 27 vol.;.; Echoes of Glory, Arms & Eqpt., 3 vol.; The Life of The American Indian, 22 vol.; The Old West, 14 vol.; Lots of general history books; lots of WWI & WWII books;

ANTIQUE APPERAL: Civil War era carpet bag w/key; bear skin gloves; horse hair gloves; high lace shoes; several pairs of adult and children's emigrants shoes; several pairs of old baby shoes; glove box; gold velvet child's riding jacket w/wire fringe; some vintage clothing and material; several boxes of crochet doilies and table cloths; crochet morning cap; ladies bustle; paisley shawl (1870's); (2) Scottish weave shawls; home spun blanket; Purses: black velvet w/gold embroidered; (8) lg beaded purses; hand tooled leather; large1800's purse; (5) modern beaded purses; beaded belts; broken cross belt;

1800's COLLECTIBLES: 1870's military canteen; (2) powder horns; Posture appliance; 1800's corset; 17" display bust; doll's fainting couch 8"x7"x18"; (6) Skookum dolls; sofa shaped sewing box; gold velvet collar box; gold velvet ladies shoe box; Diva Steiff long hair cat; (5) skirt whips w/handles of brass, wood & horse hair; brass magnifying glass; wig powder bellows; bell rattle; velvet & celluloid photo albums; sm 2"x4" photo albums w/1850's photo's;

COLLECTIBLES: (7) hand made quilts; (3) quilt tops; quilt fabric; (3) black velvet necklace displays; (2) wool cards; (4) cast iron drape hooks; brass & copper tea kettles; (6) mannequin heads- glass, plaster of Paris, paper machete; Old Settlers Annual Picnic Peoria, (1906) badge;

POTTERY: (2) blue pottery pitchers; (2) crock mixing bowls; Hall Pottery covered pitcher, (2) meat loaf pans, (2) refrigerator dishes, butter dish, caserol, mixing bowl, salt & pepper; Blue glazed, gold rimmed pitcher & basin w/3 companion pieces; (2) Grape JF plates;

VICTORIAN JEWLERY & RELATED: purple & green pin & earrings; long drop Victorian pierced earrings; portrait earrings; bracelet; imitation coral pin & earrings & necklace; blue & white glass necklace; blue & coral bracelet; Victorian amethyst necklace; onyx & silver bracelet & necklace; (25) hat pins and (3) china holders; blue, purple, pink, yellow rhinestone necklaces, earrings, bracelets, shoe clips; (10) rhinstone pins; (6) rhinestone rings; dog, cat, bear, owl pins; Cameo necklace, earrings & pin; hair watch fob; American Walthm Gold pocket watch; exquisite dresser set (tray, brush, comb, hand mirror) w/green rhinestones;

(20) FRAMED ITEMS: Hand painted portrait w/oval gold frame; US Capitol, Mother of Pearl shadow box; (4) nice shadow box frames; oval bubbled glass gilded picture frames; several lg. gilded frames; lg. beveled glass wall mirror; matted U.S. Grant Portrait;

Susan Postelwait, Owner of GAR Related items

(217) 792-5149


(Railroad items to sell at 1:05 p.m.)

KEROSENE LAMPS & LANTERS: Aladdin 21-C w/spring wall bracket; NYS Aladdin #23 Ox-Weld Carbide lamp; Caboose lamp; mail room candles; Marked Lanterns: CMSTP &P, Indiana Harbor, Wabash, CB&O, GM&O, C&NW, CB&E, PRR, CCC&STL, VGN RWY, C&NW, Alton RR, C&A;

BATTERY LANTERNS: (2) Mees; Adlake 31-D & 31-F; Star; US & S electric lamp;

TELEPHONES: Motorola Handie Talkie; GB301A telephone; Automatic Electric Monophone; Southern Railway telephone in wood box;

RAILROAD LOCKS: (30) Adlake, Keline, Yale & Raco locks from L&N, ICRR, ICGR, GNRY, BN, NYC, GCC&STL, CMSTP&P, PRR;

RAILROAD COLLECTIBLES: Banner Iron Caboose stove; Wabash hand cart; lg. freight cart; brass, steam locomotive bell; (3) telegraph keys; Pullman ladder; Pullman car step; conductors cap; lots of marked coal shovels, AT &SF, IC, ICRR; oil & fluid cans; railroad date nails; railroad tools & wrenches; Green diamond head lights; IC switch light; switch signal; lg. galvanized box with O.H. Bayless, B&O Signal Dept., 305 N. Main, Baltimore OH; plated railroad spikes; misc. railroad signs; several framed locomotive pictures;

PAPER ITEMS: Misc. Time Tables from 60's -80's Santa Fe, Union Pacific, L&N, PRR, Milwaukee Rd., Northern & Southern Pacific, BN, ICR, Louisville, Nashville, Penn Central, Norfolk & Southern, Chicago RI & Pacific; Union Pacific & Burlington Northern calendars from 80'; ICRR blank bills of Lading; Gulf Mobile & Ohio record books 1955, 64, 69; Chicago & Alton service cards; CRI &MPRR baggage tickets; Amtrak punch tickets; GM &O round trip tickets; ICG Wage & Rules-Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; Employee time books, BTL, BARE, Continental Casualty from 1949 to 76; BN 100 years (1940) Official Railway guide; Official guide "Standard time of Railways" 9/1962, 5/63, 7/63, 4/64, 11/64, 1/65, 2/66, 5/66, 6/66

TERMS: Cash or good negotiable check payable on the day of the auction. Registration video taped buyers must show provided number for each and every purchase. All items must be removed from the auction site on the above date and are sold as is where is.


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