Saturday July 01, 2006

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FURNITURE: Beautiful oak veneer 3 glass door bookcase, orig. finish, 62 in. wide x 61 in. tall, 2 carved lions head on ea. end & 6 claw ft.: (Tag. on back "Saml. Montgomery, Petersburg, Ill".) Oak Secretary-bookcase w/ 2 bev. edge mirrors, orig.finish: oak buffet w/ bev. edge mirror, 46 in. wide; 2-Oak, 36 in wide, washstands, 1- w/ marble-top tile splash back & towel bars on sides; 2 oak dropleaf gatleg dining tables,1 w/ drawer on end; Heywood-Wakefield wicker rocker; wicker stand w/ lift top; Pine step back kitchen cupboard w/ 2 drs above,2 drws in middle & 2 drs. Below, painted; Oak 2 pc. step- back store cabinet, w/ adj. shelves, 2 sliding wood drs. above, 2 sliding drs. below, 66in. wide x 89 in. tall, (painted); 3 drw. dresser w/ mirror; 14in.x20in. white marble top parlor table; 42 in. oak buffet w/ applied carvings, (no mirror); 28in. diam. round wooden parlor table; 24x36 oak lamp table w/ drw. (Wolverine Mfg. Co. Detroit.); smoking stand, copper lined; Oak 36 in. bakers base cabinet w/ 3drws.; wooden bakers cabinet top, 2 glass doors, painted; Set of 4 heart shape back, ice cream chairs;

SLOT MACHINE: MILLS 25ct. SLOT MACHINE RED METAL IN COLOR, OAK TRIM (OWL) with "Jack-in- the -Box" metal stand ( stand made in Peoria,Il.) Machine has good paint and in working condition. Will sell at 12:00 noon

GUNS (will sell @ 12:10 p.m.): Hand guns: S&W 357 Magnum, blue finish, 5in. barrel; S&W .38 SPP, nickel finish, 1 1/4 in. barrel, w/ holster, SN:8K32167 Colt 38 Special,"Detective Special" blue finish, 1 1/2 in. barrel, SN. H38193 H&R "Side Kick", 9 shot w/ holster, SN: AC10979 2- Jennings by Bryco Arms model J22, .22 LR auto pistol blue finish, both with boxes, SN. 352428 & 352429 Jennings by Bryco Arms model J22-J25 auto pistol, chrome finish, w/ box, SN: 159989 Davis model D-22, 22 cal.-22mag. Derringer, w/ box: North American Arms, 5 shot .22 mag, mini-revolver w/ holster, 1 1/8 in. barrel w/ box. SN: W7260R Deutsche Werke 7.65 cal. (German) semi auto, wood grips: Llama Especial 7.65 m (32) made In Spain, SN. 405223: Jennings by Bryco model 59, 380 auto 9mm, black/black grip, L.N. w/ box, SN:S616711 Davis model P-32, cal. .32 auto, wood grips: Davis Industries model P-380 cal. .380 auto, black finish, Like new w/ box, SN. AP216923: Davis Industries model P-380, cal..380 auto, black finish, w/ box, SN: AP120626: HY Score Arms Co. model 108, 22 cal. short, SN236773 w/ holster: Model 54-1, 7.62 mmx25, CSI By Norinco made in China, Black Finish, w/ holster like new w/ box, SN:37007528-99:

LONG GUNS: SKSS 7.62 x 39 rifle w. bayonet, by Norico, SN: 92-27695 Remington model 550-1, 22 cal. S-L-LR: Stevens 410 ga. single shot SN. 1072 Old Ranger double barrel 12ga. Pat. April 20-1915, damaged: Custom Built steel gun safe, double padlocked, 36in.wx5ft.6in.tall x20in. deep:

ROSEVILLE POTTERY: "Snowberry": 2 matching bud vases, #1BV-7, basket, #1BK-7 (Dusty Rose); "Clematiss": vase- #103-8,(brown); 2-vases-#103-7, 1-blue & 1-green: vase-#188- 6-brown: "Zephry Lily": 2-vases-#201-7 brown & blue; Vase, #205-6; "Columbine": Cornucopia- #149-6 (red); "Magnolia":-Cornucopia -#184-6, green; Flower Frog- #182- 5, blue; Bowl-#446-6, green; Bowl-#447-6; "Peony":Bowl- #661-4, brown; Candlestick- #1152-4 1/2 in.; "Bleeding Heart": Vase-#965-7, light green; "Freesia"- #195-7, brown, bud vase; "Gardenia": Vase-#684-8; "Water Lily": Jardiniere #437-4; blue w/ white flower; "White Rose":bud vase-#148-4 " ; "Wincraft"-#209-12,blue basket; "Apple Blossom": #373-7, fan vase;

HULL POTTERY: "Magnolia": Vase: #9-10 1/2 ; Vase:#15-6 1/4 ; 2 vases: #13-4 3/4 ; "New Magnolia:" Vase:#H-13-10 1/2 : Ewer: #H-3-5 1/2; " Wildflower:" Ewer #W-2-5 1/2 ; "Corky" Pig Bank

POTTERY: Blue Band: 4-5 & 10 gal. stone jars; 2-5 & 1-6 gal. Buckeye Pottery Co. Blue Ribbon Brand, Macomb,Ill.; 5 gal. Western Stoneware, 3-1 gal. water jugs w/ wire bail, wood handles; 3 gal. Buckeye Pottery Co.; 2-12 gal. Brown jars w/ moulded handles; sev. 1 gal. jars and stone jugs; 9 pottery biscuit jars, (Japan);

GLASSWARE: Cranberry ,Daisy & Fern pattern double globe elec. lamp; Cranberry, Daisy & Fern 12in. fluted vase; 12in. swirl vase; Cranberry, Coin Dot pattern elec. lamp; Cranberry dresser lamp; 2 cranberry shades for mantel lamps; Cranberry pither and 6 tumblers, Cranberry cocktail server & 6 tumblers; "Sunflower" carnival 8 in. bowl;

FANTASTIC COLLECTIBLES: Exc. cider mill "Americus Junior" mfg. by L.M. Rumsey, St. Louis, Mo.: Lg. wood burning heating stove, "German Heater" #317; "Motor High Speed" wooden washing machine, hand crank w/ wringer, Sold by Isaac Walker Hdw. Co. Peoria, Il.; German wooden wheel goat wagon w/ shaft & brakes; 4 sm. German wooden childs wagons; 4 German wooden childs sleds, wooden push-type childs sled; standing cast iron rope dispenser,w/ cutter. (mounts on floor) Mfg. & Pat. By Brinner Brothers, Mason City, Il., 9-22-31;(orig. from Hardware store in Mason City, Il.); Wooden fruit press; wooden reel winder; Set of 4, wooden farm wagon wheels; Lard press; 2 hand potato planters; hand corn planters; Masters Little Giant Plant Setter; 4 way railroad switch lantern mfg. by Adams&Westlake Co. Makers, Chicago; St.L. SWRY railroad lantern, clear globe; barn lanterns; rope maker; 3 Daisey glass churns -#40- #60 & 4 qt. red top; Daisey metal butter churn; wooden slaw cutters; hand crank slaw & green bean cutter.; lg. (150#) blacksmith anvil; approx. 25 blacksmith tongs; hand crank forge blower; buggy seat; lg. wire basket,22 in. diam.; wire egg baskets; flat iron warmer; flat irons; 50+ hammers; carpet beaters; wagon wheel soaker; Planet Jr. lawn edger; 3 Punch boards, 3-10 & 25 cent: 2 round butter molds, 1-pineapple & 1- shock of wheat; 1 wood rectangle butter mold; Arcade Crystal No. 3 wall mount coffee grinder; 2 wooden coffee grinders; cherry pitter; hand slaw cutters; green handle kitchen utensils; 5 adv tire ash trays; 4 wooden cigar molds; 7 hand sewn quilts; 50+ old cast trivets; Bear skin lap robe; Insect powder bellows; 2 sm. 4 drawer oak file cabinets, 22"wx 13 1/2 in T; Wooden, folding wash tub bench w/ wringer; wooden clothes dryer; 2 wire shovels; wooden rake; wooden bowls; 2 wooden water canteens; cupid pictures; lighting rod w/ arrow vane; adv. cast matchsafe-Mich. Stove Co.; wooden adv. boxes; nice feed and flour sacks; 6ft. & 8 ft. oak showcases; 8 ft. tabletop wood show case, 22 in. tall; 4 draw knives; wood block planes; M.W. #151 wood burning Stove; hay knives & hay forks; cast dinner bell; mine gas mask w/ case; Advertising tins; granite ware; pitcher pumps; 35 x 49 ornate picture frame; 60 post card album, (1907-1913); 8 old picture post cards of Mason City, Il. "The Dredge Boat"-1905- 6 old photos;

SERVICE STATION COLLECTIBLES: Gilbarco upright Service Station gas pump last sticker (1966)-40ct. gal.; 20 qt. glass oil bottles most with metal pouring spouts such as Oilzum, 2- #80 Amco, "Handy Oiler" Pat. Nov. 28, 1922, Danville, Indiana; Boe MFG Co.; Brookins, 3 wire oil carriers; extra metal spouts; 2- 30 gal. steel oil dispensers; Brookins 5 gal. oil change canister/pan; Firestone sign, 13in.x71in.L. Several service station adv. cabinets and racks; old Road maps-1939-52:

CLOCK: "Dewey" Very unusual kitchen clock of applied carving of Adm. Dewey, Mfg. by Ingraham Co.:

CHILDREN'S ITEMS: Marx Stream Line Steam type electrical train, remote control, in box; V.G.C. "Hot Shot Band" childs drum set; Mother Hen target game; 1950's child's folding card table & 2 chairs, red vinyl top exc. cond.; wicker childs tree swing; metal top; sev. games from 1950's era; 3 oak childs chairs; several other items; 2 tricycles; metal doll bed, plus more:

COPPER & BRASS ITEMS: Exc. set of 27 grad. Brass sleigh bells on orig. leather strap; Copper washing machine, hand crank; 25 gal. brass hand made kettle; 2-8-& 15 gal. brass kettles w/ bail; 9& 15 gal. copper kettles w/ bail; brass jam pan; copper still; "Conservo" copper bottom stove top food cooker; 5 brass school bells;

TOOLS: (WILL SELL 1ST. AT 8:30 A.M.) Craftsman 12 in bandsaw-sander on stand; Craftsman table saw on stand,(blue cast metal); Craftsman 6 in. jointer-planer (blue cast metal); Powr-Kraft 4 in. jointer-planer; Airco Acetyline torch set w/ cart; Sureweld arc welder, 225 amp; Bench vise-anvil comb.; Cole Tool bench vise; Springer 14 in. drill press, bench -type; Homelite transfer pump w/ 3 hp gas engine; Sev. sections of scalfolding; transit w/ tripod; Sea King 5 hp outboard boat motor; 8 ft. wooden step ladder; box of 9 in. grinding disc; log chains; files; electrical; old Chev. Transmission,(1928?);

LODGING INFORMATION IN PETERSBURG: There are 3 B&B's in historic Petersburg along with the new River Bank Lodge (20+ rooms) Call for ph. numbers.


20634 ST. HWY 29, GREENVIEW, IL.
PH. OF.(217) 968-7075
HOME: (217) 632-3122

Ron Sanert - Gordon Watkins - Eldred Nehmelman
IAL# 0400000590 - IAL#0410001099 - IAL #0400000465

Note: Gates will open at 7:a.m. for inspection of items. This is one of the finest collectible auctions that we have had the honor of conducting. Some hard to find pieces. The Robinson's will appreciate your attendance. Bring a friend, we will run 2 rings most of the day. Fireworks to be held Sat. night at dusk.

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