Lionel Train Sale
Kruse Event Center, 207 North Lawrence Ave., Gibson City, Illinois

Saturday July 20, 2024




SALE LOCATION:  From Intersection of RT 47, 9 & 54 at Stop & Go Light, East on RT 54 to Runnings Store, turn North on RT 54, 8 block to Corner of 9th street & RT 54.




LIONEL ENGINES: C&NW GP-20 Engine Power Unit 6-8776 & Dummy Unit 6-8779; Soo Line RS-3 Diesel Engine 6-18804; NYC Alco RS-3 Diesel Engine 6-18835; Burlington SW1 Switcher Engine 6-8374; Southern Pacific 040 Locomotive w/tender 6-38606; Reading 462 Locomotive w/tender 6-18004; RR club Special Ed.  GP-38 Diesel Engine 6-18818; Reo Grande F-3 “A” Diesel Engine unit 6-8464 & Dummy Unit 6-8465; Burger King GP-20 Diesel Engine 6-8160; Erie GP-9 Diesel Engine 6-8759l & Dummy Unit 6-8760l; 2- Northern Pacific GP-9 Dummy Units 6-6868; Scale Size Illinois Central SD-40 Diesel Engine 6-18210; US Army Switch Engine 41; Great Northern Rotary Snow Plow Engine 58; The Rock Engine 1980; Alaska Engine 614 Tender Loaded 6636 & Caboose 6067 Set of 3;  

LIONEL ROLLING STOCK: Reba McIntire Box Car; Hormel Bill Board Reefer 6-19532; State of Main Box Car 6464275; SP Caboose 6257; Soo Line Refer Car 6-19536; Lionel TV Car 6-16870; Southern Pacific Piggy Back w/Trailers 6-9333; 2-Dome Tank Cars 6465; Gondola Car 6462; Northern America Single Dome Tank Car 6-19601; University of Michigan Box Car 6-39291; Flat Car s/US Navy Sub. 6830; Fire Fighting Instructing Car 6530; Morton Bill Board Hooper Car 6-9114; Swift Bill Board Refer 6-9855; 2-Dome Tank Car 6-36117; 3-Illinois Central Covered Cars 6-9264; Hormel Wood Side Refer 6-19538; L&N Box Car 6565; SOO Line Box Car 6-19210; Continental Box Car 6-39202; U of I Box Car 6-39286; TOC Refer 6-5712; Lackawanna Extended Vision Caboose 6-6906; Fritos Refer 6-9884; I Love Wise Box Car 6-29900; Johnny Cash Box Car; 6-9780; B&O Continental Box Car; 6-9801; Flat Car 6828; TCA 20th National Convention  Seattle Potash 1954-74 9864; Gulf Oil Single Dome Tank Car 6-6301; Operating Watchman 1045; C&O Long Gondola w/load 6-6211; Hillsboro Refer 6-9879; Taco Bell Refer 6-7514; Mounds Candy Bar Refer 6-9886; Tootsie Tank Car 6-9324; Coos’s Bill Board Refer 6-9816; Carlings Bill Board Refer 6-9871; Reo Grande Rotary Snow Plow 6-8459; Jersy Central Bank Can; 6-1942;  Dispatch Car 6-9221; Seaboard Waffle Side Box Car 6-15001; C&N Caboose 9161; 2-Napierville Junction RR way 9413; Ky Fried Chicken Box Car 9509; Babe Ruth Box Car 9854; Stroh’s Fefer Can 6-9807; NYC Emergency Caboose 6-26513; Morgan David Wine Box Car 6-9146; Flat Car 6826; L&N Coal Dump Car 6-16664; Southern Coal Dump Car 6-16676; CE&Q Coal Dump Car 6-16676; Main Central Log dump Car 6-1665; Green Bay Western Box Car 15003; Southern Pacific w/light & 1- w/out light 6257; Injector Car 55; Track cleaning Car 3927; Lionel Line Caboose 64273; Libby Crush Pineapple Box Car 6475; Baby Ruth Box Car X6004; Trailer Flat Car 3460; AT&SF Operating Box Car 63132 AT&SF Operating Milk Box Car 3462; Penn Central Short Gondola 347600; Sunoco Tank Car 6555; B&O Baggage Car 6-9523; 3-B&O Passenger Cars 6-9516, 9525 & 9524; Satellite Flat Car Operational 3509; C&W Cattle Car 518;  Penn Passenger Car 9514; DL&W Work Car 611925; Penn Central Box Car 9749; Wabash Dump Car 16619; Illinois Terminal Hopper Car 6131; Work Car 50; Lionel Auto Milk Car 3472; Lionel Auto Dump Car 3469; Operating Brakeman Car 3424; Lionel Saving Bank 6050; Pizza Hut Refer 6-7511l; Arthur Treachery’s Box Car 6-7512; Operating Home Car 6-9224; AT&SF Icer Car; Seagram’s Vodka Box Car 9846;  Bonanza Refer 6-7513; Rail Post Office Car 9301; Bronze Zoo Graiff Auto Car 3376; NYC Box Car 6464900; SOO Line Coal Car 10274; B&O Postal Car 8765; B&O Passenger Car 8768; Lionel 3 including Flat Bed Truck L-20-2 w/Caboose Operating w/lights & Sounds TMT 18405; N&P Box Car 9770; T&P Box Car 9463; Johnson J-wax Box Car 6-9803; Clark Candy Bar Refer 6-9893; Beechnut Box Car 6-7703; Gold Metal Bill Board Refer; 6-9860; Tropicana Bill Board Refer 6-986; Dupont 3 Dome Tank Car; Lionel Train Lamp;

WILLIAMS : Golden Memories Refer Car 47451; Scout Engine Nickel Plate & Tender; 8500; Penn Engine & Tender 8040; Quad Hopper 47613;

MENARDS: Canada Covered Hopper 1399; Green Bay &Western Box Car 6955; N&S Box Car 18290; Rail Express Agency Refer; Saskatchewan Covered hopper; Menards Saver Big Money Box Car; C&NW Flat Car w/Load 10946; M&M Box Car 8661; Nation Wide Box Car Pool 16101 SOO Line Box Car  11475 NP Box Car 13302; Norton Salt Covered Hopper 2087; Set of 6 cars O-gauge; RAIL KING: Needham Packing Refer Car 30-7815; Redding Flat Car w/Trailers 30-7017A; Pillsbury PS-2 Discharge Hopper 30-7594; NYC Single Door Box Car 33-7401; NFL Green Bay Packer Super Bowl 1 40 ftr Dbl Door Box Car 3074273; Green Bay Packers 40 ft. flat car w/Ridell Helmet  30-74285; Green Bay Packers Box Car 30-74229l ; Bears Box Car 30-74259; Bears Super Bowl XX Dbl Door Box Car 30-74322’ Bearsn 40” Box Car W; Helmets 30-74319; Holiday Box Car 30- 74038; Great Northern Rotary Snow Plow 30-7929; Land-O-Lakes Box Car 30-7847;

INDUSTRIAL: 027 Milwaukee Box Car 21347; 027 Flat Car w/2 Boats 7002;

K-LINE: Traveling Dan’s Hot Foot Powder Box Car K763-8027; Buy Liberty Bonds Wood sided Box Car K762-8026;  027 Hershey’s 100th Anniversary Hugs w/almond Box Car k-646706; Circus Transport Scale Cast Flat Car 0-gauge K6935301;  M3-Mona Box Cars K5123: Monon Diesel Engine 8155 & Dummy 81565; 2- Milwaukee Road F3 Power Unit 6-8555  & 2- Milwaukee F3 Dummy Units 6-8575; 2- Coke Hy Hauler w/load k66321TT; Sprite Hy Hauler w/Load K666703;

LIONEL SWITCHES & OTHER: Hozo 0 gauge Crossing; UCS 0-gauge Remote Control Track Set; Pair #022 Remote Control Switches; Pair 042 Manual Switches; Pair in  Box 027 Remote Control Left & Right 1122; Coal Loader Belt Damage 397; )27 Right/left manual switches 6-65022 & 02;  Barrel Loader 362; 2 of each manual Left/Right Switches 6-65021 & 22; Lionel #46 Loading Barrels; Wel Lite RR Crossing Sign w/lights;

RR LANTERNS & COLLECTIBLES;  CCC& STL RY Clear; C&EI RR Red Globe; K&S &M RR Lantern Clear; Dietz Acme Inspection Lamp; Canada RR Red Caboose Lantern ; Penn Central Clear Lantern; Bear Cookie Jar; Bear “Up on the House Top” from Reba’s full length move. Lionel Multi Volt Transform Box only 810 2. Olive;

BUILDINGS & STORES: Passenger Station 30-9014; Seed & Feed Store LTD ED; Icing Station 352; 2-Air EX Spinng Tackel 6044; Depot; Thomas & Sons Feed & Supply Track Side Tower Grainer; Silver Dollar Café; Freight Transfer Warehouse; Simpson House Sinatra’s House; Farm House Police Station country House; 1st City Bank2-Story Hardware Store ; 3 Story Town House Work House #1; country church; Elevated Gate Tower; County Freight Station Track Side Street Set; Melissa’s East Side Deli Dave’s Super Service Gas Station; 4 Story Grocery Store; Jenny Lee Bakery; Train Store; Public Works Building; Jordan House Kenndey House; Grandma Moses House; NEW TRAIN SETS: Lionel “The Liberty Special Tran Set; 1979  IONEL Southern Pacific Limite3d; Lionel Chicago Cub Steam Berkshire Set; 1984 Lionel Erie Lackawanna Limited; Hershey’s 100th Anniversary Limited ED. Die Cast Smoking Engine   Erie Lackawanna Freight St; 1980 Mid-Atlantic Line; 1987 Conrail; 1989 CP Rail Limited; Kraft/Nabisco Holiday 2002 Train Set; #1563 Wabash Freight Set (Post War); Lionel  TRW Cross County Express; 1978 Milwaukee Limited; 1979 Quaker City Limited; 1985 Burlington Northern Limited; 1983 Gold Coast Limited; 1990 Santa FE; 1981 Maple Leaf; Lionel Milwaukee Special Passenger Train; 1997 Lionel Service   Exclusives; New Yorker O gauge Passenger/Freight Set; AMTRAK Work Train Set; Conrail Consulate; Western Maryland Freight Set; Southern Freight Rummer;


AUCTIONEER NOTE: This will be an outstanding train sale. Larry has Collected for many years but needs to down size. Moved it to the Event Center for better accommodation and to have AC. Please pass the word and attend this outstanding sale.






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