2024 Stockyard Club Auction & Luncheon Open To The Public

Saturday June 29, 2024


500 North State Street, Atkinson, Illinois 61235

For Lunch Reservations Call 815-325-3738

(1)…..A set of three International Live Stock Exposition catalogs ’59, ’67, & ’73. Donation to the club 

(2)…..1910 calendar Bunker & Swiney Livestock Commission Chicago, IL. Donation to the club 11’X25”. 

(3)…..A cigar box full of pens and pencils from the Chicago Stockyards including meat packers, truckers, and commission men. donation 

(4)…..A group of five ribbons from the International Livestock Show donation 

(5)…..A box of Livestock Commission tally books from assorted stockyards donation 

(6)…..A picture from the International Livestock Exposition, selling a champion carlot. 

(7)…..A 30” by 9” Chicago Livestock Market sign from Central Commission Co. 

(8)…..A Jack Knife Ben Shop cane from the 1960’s. 

(9)…..A USY & T Co. Feed Badge from the Chicago Union Stockyards 

(10)….An early Witten Pendulum Lok-Tite gate latch. StockYards Chicago marked #12. Used on the gate pens in the yard.  

(11)….A paperweight from the Chicago Union Stockyards, depicting the front gate and Labeled Chicago Serum, largest in the world . 845 Exchange Ave. 

(11)….Pfaelzer Brothers ashtray bull. From Chicago Stockyards 

(12)….ashtray from G.O.P. convention Stockyard Inn, Chicago  

(13)….Four glasses from the Stockyard Inn,  Chicago. 

(14)….An early glass butter mold with cow logo 

(15),,,,a celluloid knife hone/sharpener from National Live Stock Commission 

(16)….silver spoon from the Chicago Stockyards 

(17)….miniature leather hat from the Chicago Stockyards 

(18)….ashtray from Illinois Packing Co. “Home of 521” beef 

(19)….”I Made Chicago Famous” pig bank  Chicago Stockyards 

(20)….Set of 8 International Live Stock Review/Album books ’16, ’17, 19’, 21’, 23’, 25’, 38’, 39’. 

(21)….Cudahy Packing Co. Rex sliced beef wooden box 

(22)….Silver sugar bowl from the Chicago Stockyards. Marked Chicago Union Stockyards on the bottom 

(23)….Jack Knife Ben spey knife, metal handles,  marked Jack Knife Ben 

(24)….Arnold Cattle Co.  lighter 

(25)….Swift Sausage knife 

(26)….Chicago souvenir knife 

(27)….3 steak markers from the Stock Yard Inn 

(28)….Stock Yard Inn GOP plastic cup with donkey 

(29)….Joliet Market Place ashtray 

(30)….Chicago paperweight souvenir gold lettering 

(31)….Joliet Market belt buckle 

(32)….USY & T vintage lanternOne of the great collectibles from 1900 or earlier. For signaling trains.   

(33)….2 blade Jack Knife Ben pocket knife 

(34)….3 blade pocket knife Breeder’s Gazette 

(35)….Poland Barrow Maker pocket knife 

(36)….Chicago Union Stockyard 75th anniversary medallion 1940 

(37)….The Shorthorn Society H.M. King George V Patron. Awarded H.A. Brown at Warwickshire Agriel Society’s 1929 Show for bull Grendon Windfall 23067 

(38)….Book Shorthorn Cattle by Alvin H. Sanders 

(39)….1925 February Berkshire World magazine. Grand Champion carload of the world. Bred by J.H. Nickel Arenzville, IL. 

(40)….Metal cowcatcher neck yoke 

(41)….Vintage dehorning tool 

(42)….Shorthorn Inn food platter 

(43)….Union Stockyards food platter 

(44)….Ashtray from the Golden Ox Restaurant Kansas City 

(45)….1975 poster from the International Livestock Show. Backed w/ fiber board . 


(46)….1966 poster from the International Livestock Show. 

(47)….1960 poster from the International Livestock Show Canadian Mounted Police 

(48)….late 1950’s early 1960’s poster from the International Livestock Show. 

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