Annual Spring Hazelhurst

Saturday April 04, 2020


Location - Midway between Polo, IL and Milledgeville, IL (17748 W. Milledgeville Rd, Polo 61064 - Mrs. Sherwood Shank Farm) at the corner of Milledgeville Road and Ogle (Brookville) Road. Ample off road parking, loading dock and boom tractors available to unload & load most anything .


Machinery, tractor, vehicle and miscellaneous farm related listings for the sale should be called, faxed or emailed in by March 16 for the sale bill and proper advertising.  Absolutely, no junk items, truck toppers/bed liners, glass, household items, old tires, etc!!! [We reserve the right to reject.] Absolute up-to-date titles must accompany vehicles, trailers, boats, ATV’s, etc.


Consignments may be brought to the auction sight: March 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, April 1, 2 between the hours of 8 am & 6 pm(gates locked). Gates will be open on Friday, April 3 for viewing only (weather permitting). No items accepted April 3 or sale day!


To list equipment, contact:


Lyle Hopkins (IL#440.000185) Polo, IL

815-946-2660 or 800-848-9519

Email -    *    Fax - 815-946-3745 



 Lenny Bryson (IL#440.000158) Polo, IL  *  815-946-4120

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